We focus on materials, systems and practices. Our team brings
a combined 50+ years of construction and development experience.

BILTBOLD was founded by Stephen Fleming.  Stephen’s first memories are of accompanying his father to a construction site – climbing around the dirt piles and sitting in the equipment.  Those moments spurred a lifelong journey to learn as much as he could about construction. 

After graduating from Cedar Cliff High School, he began working in the home building and civil engineering industries while pursuing his degree in Structural Design and Construction Engineering Technology at Penn State University.  He went on to work in the civil engineering profession, spending 15 years working on private development projects and as a Township Engineer.  These invaluable opportunities gave him hands on experience in development design and home building. 

Stephen’s desire to learn all facets of the industry led to him obtaining his real estate license in 2002 and working with various property and transaction types. The years spent working these parallel career paths helped to fuel his passion for superior design in building.  It is his belief that the right balance of material selection, construction technique, and technology make for a timeless home for your family.

The BILTBOLD engine runs on the pursuit of that balance, steered by proper home site selection, and driven by a team of innovative professionals.

If you revel in the details or value a company that does, let’s build something BOLD together!