Fairview Farmhouse

All of the right details for the Mills, with a location to match.

BiltBold put a lot of effort into making this home as efficient as possible. We felt good about going into an all electric home.
— The Mills Family


The Story

With a wishlist in hand, the Mills set off to browse the housing market for their dream home. They searched and searched with no luck, so they decided to build their own tailor-made home using their wishlist as a blueprint. As the developer worked from the Mills’ list, each basic customization drove the build price higher and higher. The Mills wondered if they would ever find their dream home for a reasonable price.

Enter BiltBold. Around that time, the Mills found the listing for the Fairview Farmhouse and fell in love. The interior design was exactly their taste. The open floor plan and nine feet high ceilings drew them in. The country setting was much more peaceful than the crowded development where they planned to build. The solar technology and energy efficiency sold them. The Fairview Farmhouse checked off more items on the Mills’ wishlist than their own custom build had, and for a fraction of the price! 

Building a new home with any extra level of detail has become overly expensive, but BiltBold accepts the challenge to deliver the highest quality for a reasonable price. 

A large part of BiltBold's "Land to Living" process is dedicated to designing & building energy efficient homes that will stand the test of time. The right mix of insulation, LED lighting, solar panels, and eco-friendly heating & cooling systems keeps the Fairview Farmhouse comfortable and will serve the Mills for years to come.



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