8 Jennifer Lane

A comfortable, efficient, and sustainable home for the Solomons.

BiltBold’s communication style was open and responsive from the very first visit, and this standard was kept throughout the process as well as after our home was complete.
— The Solomon Family


The Story

Building a home was an emotional decision for the Solomon family. The lot selection, permitting, plans, the what-ifs, the budget — all of the details became overwhelming. They searched for a team that they could fully trust to deliver a comfortable, efficient, and sustainable home that included a solar package. The Solomons felt confident that Steve and the BiltBold team would expertly guide them through the 10-step “Land to Living” process to build their dream home, piece by piece.

The Solomons didn’t come to the table with a specific dream home in mind. Through coaching from the BiltBold team, the design evolved through the selection process and their dream home came to life over time. BiltBold prioritized responsive, honest communication to help the Solomons select the lot, a floor plan, solar energy package, and the custom design elements to fit within their family’s lifestyle and budget.

Today, natural light pours into the Solomons’ breathtaking home on Jennifer Lane, which features exquisite exterior stone finishing, unique hip roof architecture, a wide open floor plan, a generous second floor, a luxurious master bath, along with energy efficient elements like an eco-friendly heating and cooling system and solar panels.

Through the “Land to Living” process, BiltBold put the Solomons’ fears to rest, and now the Solomon family is able to relax in the comfort of their very own dream home on Jennifer Lane.



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